Hello! My name is Ivory. Welcome to my homepage!


I would like to provide you with information in my blog that can help you as an artist and make your life a little easier. Various music-related topics will appear here. Everything related to music, topics related to the music business, tutorials and one or two philosophical topics will gradually be found on this page. I will also deal with lifestyle and problems that you can encounter as an artist.
Maybe I can save you from one or two mistakes that would cost you unnecessary time and money. Believe me…. From my own experience I can say that it will probably still happen. You can take tips from someone to heart and see if they work, but one thing you can't ... You can't just skip years of experience, be professional from the start and expect professional results ... Unfortunately, that doesn't work.


it's like everything ... Practice creates masters!


Technology is important and yet topics, even if they have a technical background, are written by me from a not too technical perspective. I came to sound engineering and everything related to the subject as an artist. I never cared how the technology worked! It had to work FOR me and help me get the result I imagine.


Often things went wrong .... Hahaha.


But with a lot of practice the results will get better and eventually they will be good!


Since myself come from an urban musical environment, this blog is of course also shaped by it. DnB lover, hip hop freak ... These are attributes that probably describe me appropriately.


At almost 35, not the youngest anymore, I gradually became more open about music. Nowadays I also like metal and techno. Not as much as the genres mentioned above, but there is definitely music from this area that can inspire me.


I hope you have fun on my site and you can take a few positives with you.


I am always open to questions or suggestions. Just write me on my email or use one of the social media profiles.





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