Instant File Delivery!


The files will come instant after your purchase, sent automatically to your E-Mail!


High Quality WAV File


Get your Beat as WAV File with a much higher resolution compared to an MP3 File. This makes your projects quality and professional.


Copyright Tags will be removed


If you purchase a Beat you will get a WAV File without the voice that says ''Extraneus''. Thats only a protection for our security.


Commercial License included


Every license does include commercial rights, so you will be ready to go to generate revenue with your recording, while selling it on Websites like iTunes, Amazon and what not!


Get the separated tracklines


(Not included in the standard license)

This is the best way to have your beats! All the instruments and drum parts will come in a separate WAV File. This is essential if you want to do professional cuts to emphasize your lyrics, or if you are looking for the best possible mixing and mastering output)

Pricing & Licensing

BASIC - $46,27







Distribution - 7500

Free Downloads

Non-Profit Performances - 2000

Paid Performances - 200

Music Videos - 1

Audio Streams - 10000

Video Streams - 10000

Broadcasting Rights

Radio Stations - 0



PREMIUM - $92,54









Distribution - 15000

Free Downloads

Non-Profit Performances - 3000

Paid Performances - 300

Music Videos - 1

Audio Streams - 50000

Video Streams - 50000

Broadcasting Rights

Radio Stations - 2

UNLIMITED - $154,51









Distribution - Unlimited

Free Downloads

Non-Profit Performances - 4000

Paid Performances - 400

Music Videos - Unlimited

Audio Streams - Unlimited

Video Streams - Unlimited

Broadcasting Rights

Radio Stations - Unlimited

Extraneus Music works only with the best equipment available for money to ensure consistently high quality.

*Free downloads do not mean free beats. Free Downloads Are For Privat Purposes Only ! Not For Profitable Use ! If you want to use a beat for official use then purchase a lease or exclusive right.

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